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Visiting day 6.7

Three camp days have now passed and it’s finally time for the visiting day. A total of 2566 parents and acquaintances came to visit. Many of them brought more snacks and drinks for their kids and also perhaps clothes that had been forgotten at home.

During the visiting day, various programs were arranged such as e.g. the Czech CTIF competition. In addition, visitors got to se a demonstration by the MIRG team. Outside the canteen there was also a food market where you could buy sausages, coffee, donuts and strawberries. Fun fact: 2997 donuts were fried and sold during the visiting day.

We were lucky with the weather, it usually rains on the day of visit but this year it was cloudy and a bit windy.

Thanks to everyone who participated in an amazing afternoon!

Text: Maya Selroos

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