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Impressions from Finland 

Yesterday we were out and about in the ”wilderness” outside of Helsinki and received survival training.

The first thing we noticed is our own cultural differences:

Most North Germans gasped for air because it was up and down and there were also some steep sections. We know wind and rain from all directions, but larger hills are already our ”mountains”.

On the other hand, for some Southern Germans it was more of a constant trip, since almost every climb was followed by a descending part. The goal this time was not a mountain peak.

Our destination was a hut at Poikkipuoliainen, a lake in the valley of the national park. Unfortunately, the trainers were understaffed. A fire broke out on the other side of the national park and, of course, a real incident is more important than a practice session. Fortunately, the deployment was relatively far away, so we could do the exercises with a few trainers and, more importantly, we didn’t have to be evacuated.

At the camp we learned to create shelter from tarpaulin and rope. We also went fishing. But the most important thing (after lunch) was probably to take a bath in the lake. With a lot of noise we went into the water. The children could certainly be heard throughout the valley – the request from the local trainer told us at the beginning to be quiet didn’t help long enough.

Thanks for the impressions and experiences.

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