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Disco Thursday!

Exciting day! The whole camp was woken up for another wonderful morning here at the Malms Airport! You can probably safely say that all camp participants have enjoyed really good dining times here at Eldis. Both breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack! Many thanks to the kitchen:)

The training continued as usual and the courses began to prepared for Friday’s course exams. The spirit of the camp is absolutely incredible, so wonderful to see such happy young people. The IR course visited Helsinki to get acquainted with the capital of Finland. The other courses were held in the camp area.

During the week, it has been possible to visit different places. On Thursday, you could, visit Malm’s rescue station to get acquainted with their equipment and rescue vehicles. Did you know that the hall where the rescue station is located in previously served as the coast guard’s helicopter garage? Pretty cool right? In addition to this, there has been the opportunity to go to Jakomäki swimming pool. Many campers have enjoyed swimming, jumping, taking a varm shower and sauna!

Now we come to the highlight of the day: DISCO!!! During the disco, most camp participants gathered in the large circus tent, where music was played and campers danced until 23 p.m! You could even find campers dressed in their compressed air units 🙂 Many had creative disco equipment and a ”make-up tent” was also arranged.

The day was crowned with a rainbow appearing just above the camp area. Where a rainbow ends, you can find a fire brigade camp ♡

Text: Maya Selroos

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