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Anja’s trip from Germany to Eldis 22

Hi there, a lot has happened since the camp started and we want to share a few first impressions:

We interviewed Anja for you, and she told us about her trip from Germany to Eldis 22. Anja is the contact person of the German youth fire brigade.

Her trip started near Hamburg and she flew on Friday together with Jörn, deputy national youth leader, from Berlin to Helsinki. They were the first camp members arriving from Germany to the camp. Jaana (head of international affairs at Eldis 22) took them from the airport to the camp and showed them everything. There was no queue of cars arriving to the camp on Friday and Anja and Jörn had to check in themselves to the camp.

”Last time we were here, was in March. There was still snow here all over the place. But without snow, the area looks even larger.
On Sunday we did the registration for the German groups. We were giving the arriving groups the necessary checklists and camp-shirts, were collecting information for the camp and gave information for the claims. Check-in for the groups started on Saturday and around 14:00 on Sunday most groups were done. The last group arrived on Monday night at 2:00 on site and the last german will be here in the early afternoon on Monday.

At this point we would like to express our thanks once again. The first day didn’t go as planned everywhere. There were logistical challenges at the campsite and with the distribution of food, but fortunately everything was resolved without major friction.”

One last question for Anja: What was new for you this time?
”I participated in the camp last time a camp was arranged. One thing that is really new for me is one thing: It’s terribly warm, unlike last time. And not only the days. It was particularly warm in the night from Friday to Saturday. In connection with the fact that it didn’t get dark, I found it quite difficult to fall asleep at the weekend.”

We thank you for Anja’s first impressions and wish you lots of fun.

Text: Heiko Stock and Melanie Grabert, Jugendfeuerwehr Flensburg-Jürgensby

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